Wartrol Side Effects.

In general Wartrol is considered to be safe to use and doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects. If you would do a small research on this product you will not find any complaints from users that would indicate otherwise. However it is important to use this wart remover according to instructions provided with this treatment. If you will not follow directions of this product you might end up experiencing some negative effects like skin irritation or scaring of surrounding skin.

potential-negative-effects-of-WartrolAlso it is worthwhile to mention that there is quite a lot of confusion about what type of warts Wartrol can remove. This is because this product has changed its formulation from when it was first launched and also it is now applied directly on affected area. Previously it was a homeopathic treatment, which was in a form of spray. So it was used by spraying it under the tongue and was safe to be used for treating all types of warts including genital, facial and etc. However since the formulation of this wart remover was changed now it is only safe to be used for verruca, body, plantar, and flat warts. This is clearly stated on the official website, so if you come across a website that claims otherwise it means that the content is outdated and was written a while ago.

The other possible side effect to point out is that like with any treatment some ingredients might cause allergic reaction for a small number of people. However since there are not so many ingredients in Wartrol this possibility is highly unlikely. One of the components to mention is Ethyl Alcohol, which might cause allergy for a very small number of people. However it is important to point out Alcohol is quite a common ingredient in various treatments and for most people it doesn’t cause any issues. The other ingredient to mention is Salicylic acid, which is a main active component in Wartrol and is approved by FDA to be both safe and effective for treating warts. However before considering using Wartrol you should check the full list of ingredients and make sure you didn’t had bad experience with any of them. Otherwise it might be better to consider other over the counter treatments.

One more thing to mention is that Wartrol shouldn’t be used for longer time than 3 months. If this treatment will not be able to remove your warts within that much time you should stop using it and consider other options, since it might cause dangerous side effects. The usage of this treatment should also be limited to two times per day. This is because more constant use will not increase the effectiveness of Wartrol, but might even cause unpleasant side effects. Also when you use this treatment you should try to apply it on the area that is affected by HPV, because it might cause irritation and even damage the surrounding healthy skin.

Wartrol Warnings.

One of the warnings that you can find on the label of this wart remover is that it shouldn’t be used on moles, warts that have hair on them and birthmarks. Also as it was mentioned previously this product should not be used on warts that are either on facial and genital area. This is because of the main active ingredient Salicylic acid, which shouldn’t be used on more sensitive skin areas. For instance quite a lot of acne treatments that are used on facial area contain salicylic acid; however the concentration is usually limited to up to 3% to avoid side effects.

The other warning of Wartrol is that it shouldn’t be used by people who have either bad blood circulation or are diabetic. Also the product shouldn’t be applied on skin area that is reddened, irritated or infected, since it might make matters even worse.

Since Wartrol contains alcohol and acid it crucial to avoid any contact with your eyes. However if it does get into your eyes you should wash them immediately with water.