Garlic and Warts.

The Main Benefits of Garlic.

While Garlic is mostly used in the kitchen as a flavoring agent, this component has a lot of medical benefits too. The main reason why it is used for treating various conditions is because it has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial features. Some of the most common uses of garlic are for treating common cold, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Some less common uses are for treating acne and cold sores, reducing hair loss and even promoting weight loss. Also quite a lot of studies suggest that consuming garlic daily can greatly reduce the risk of getting cancers (stomach, colon, prostate, breast and etc.) and heart disease.

Does Garlic work for Wart Removal?

garlic-for-wart-removalThe answer to this question is definitely YES. According to recent studies garlic contains a compound called allicin. This compound has strong anti-microbial features that have the ability to fight various viruses. Due to the fact that warts are caused by HPV, allicin can effectively work to destroy this virus too. One of the biggest benefits of garlic is that once it kills a virus it doesn’t affect good bacteria in the body. This is a great advantage compared to antibiotics, which as we all know not only kills a virus but also eliminate good bacteria. It is also worthwhile to mention that garlic has some additional compounds that enhance detoxification in the body, which is a very advantageous feature while having a virus like HPV.

There were also a couple of studies, which tried to investigate how effective garlic was for removing warts. In the first study garlic cloves were used in a group of children who had warts. Garlic was used by rubbing it onto each wart and then a bandage was applied on a treated area. Results showed that this remedy was effective for all participants and it took on average 9 weeks to completely remove warts. The aim of another study was to test whether oil-soluble extract can be as effective as water-soluble extract of garlic. Results showed that both extracts are effective for removing warts; however oil-soluble garlic was able to provide faster results.

How to use it for Wart Treatment?

use-garlic-for-wart-removalThere are a total of three ways how you can use garlic for removal of warts. The first one and probably the most effective one is rubbing garlic on a wart. To use this method you need to peel a fresh clove of garlic and then cut it into two pieces. In the next step rub garlic on a wart for a couple of minutes until it’s covered completely. Try to limit contact with garlic and surrounding skin as much as possible since it might cause irritation or even burns. After you finish rubbing garlic, cover the area of a wart with a bandage. For the best results repeat this whole process a few times per day and cover the area with a bandage afterwards. In most cases results can be seen within a couple of weeks and warts should fall off completely after about 6 weeks. When trying this home remedy it is important to be consistent and apply garlic on a daily bases. Also don’t forget to change a bandage since keeping the same one for too long is not sanitary.

Additionally you can also use garlic oil, which is available for purchase in every local store. It will provide with similar results as raw garlic and it is a bit more convenient to apply it directly to a wart.

The other way to use garlic is to eat a few slices throughout the day. While it is probably not as effective as applying garlic directly on a wart, eating it can strengthen your immune system. When you will eat a couple of slices of garlic a compound allicin will enter your bloodstream and start working as an antiviral from the inside to fight HPV.

For people who do not like a taste of garlic, it is also worthwhile to mention that there is capsules available containing garlic. While eating fresh garlic is probably more effective than taking capsules, it should also provide you with similar benefits.

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In case you have already tried Garlic for wart removal and it didn’t work for you there are plenty of other natural home remedies that you can try at home. Warts can be very stubborn at times so it is important to be patient and try different methods for this condition until you finally succeed.