Wartrol Ingredients.

One of the first steps towards researching a particular treatment is to find out what components are included in the formulation. This can help to better understand how it works and how effective it can be for treating a particular condition.

Before proving a list of ingredients included in Wartrol it is important to mention that formulation of this treatment changed significantly from when it was first released. Previously it was a homeopathic treatment in a form of spray, which was used orally. The product was supposed to work by boosting your immune system, thus making your body fight HPV on its own. Quite a lot of ingredients were not clinically proven to work for warts treatment therefore the whole remedy got quite mixed feedback from its users. Most likely due to this the company behind Wartrol decided to do some changes. Not only was a list of ingredients totally changed, but also it is now applied directly on warts. So if you will spend time researching for reviews of Wartrol keep in mind that previously it was a totally different product and therefore feedback might vary a lot. This new approach of a product is definitely more effective and can provide better results for users.


According to the label of Wartrol, the only active ingredient in the formulation now is Salicylic Acid (17%). This substance is in fact clinically tested to be effective in treating warts. Furthermore salicylic acid is also approved by FDA, which is a good indication that it actually works and most importantly is safe to use. There were quite a lot of studies done in order to investigate how effective this ingredient was for treating warts. To summarize the findings of these studies it can be said that topical solutions that include salicylic acid were effective for ~75% of participants who have this condition. This is definitely a good result and it would be difficult to find an ingredient that would be more effective. So it is quite clear why Wartrol chose to include it in its formulation as the main component.

There are also a total of 6 inactive ingredients in Wartrol. These include:

  • Ethyl Alcohol. The main aim of this component is to make sure that no bacteria can infect warts while they are being treated by Wartrol. Since alcohol has antiseptic features, it is able to keep warts clean and reduces the chance of any further infection.
  • Menthol. This ingredient provides a cooling effect on the skin while the main active ingredient works on removing warts.
  • Ascorbic Acid. This component is actually a Vitamin C, so it is beneficial for keeping your skin healthy. It can help affected skin area to recover much faster after a wart is finally removed.
  • Hydroxypropylcellulose. This component can help to reduce the chance of infection as well as minimize symptoms such as itching and burning.
  • Flexible Collodion. The main use of this ingredient is healing of modest wounds as well as keeping the contact between skin and tropical solutions stronger. In Wartrol it works by forming a covering all over the area that is affected, which helps to prevent infections and keep salicylic acid on the treated area for longer time.
  • Polysorbate-80. This component is quite commonly used for increasing the speed of reaction.

So as you can see from a list of ingredients included in Wartrol, the main component (salicylic acid) works on removing warts while other inactive substances reduce the chance of further infection and helps affected skin to return to its previous healthy state.

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Are Wartrol Ingredients Safe?

All ingredients included Wartrol are definitely safe and will not cause side effects if the treatment is used correctly. There are a few intructions provided on the label that should be followed thoroughly. This treatment should be applied directly on warts using a brush included. It is important to avoid irritation of surrounding skin too. Also it is crutial not to touch warts, since it can cause infection to intensify and even spread to other parts of the body.

Although Wartrol is a safe wart remover it might be still worthwhile to check the list of all ingredients included and make sure you are not allergic to them. For instance there is a small percentage of people who might experience allergic reaction to Ethyl Alcohol.

Does Wartrol Really Work?

In case you are wondering if Wartrol actually works or doesn’t work for removing warts you came to the right place. Since Wartrol is one of the most popular OTC wart treatments available, there is also a lot of opinions and feedback about it. Before providing the answer if it works or doesn’t it is important to mention that recently Wartrol changed its formulation. Not only was a formula changed completely, but also now this treatment is applied directly on a wart. So when you read various testimonials or reviews online you should keep in mind that it works completely differently now. Previously it was a homeopathic spray that was used internally to boost immune system. While it seemed to work for some people; there was also a lot negative testimonials claiming that it doesn’t work. These kinds of results are quite common with many homeopathic remedies since they provide very mixed results and require a lot of time to start working. Most likely due to this the company that manufactures Wartrol decided to make some changes. So now the treatment includes one of best rated and most importantly effective ingredient – Salicylic Acid and its applied directly on warts. This ingredient has a high success rate on removing warts, which is also backed up by many clinical studies. So if you are worried that Wartrol doesn’t work, you shouldn’t be. In our opinion this new formula of Wartrol is more effective and it will definitely provide better results for its users.

How Fast Does it Work?

wartrol-workMany people want to know how long does it take for Wartrol to start working. It is quite difficult to tell the exact time needed and results will definitely vary a lot per individual. Typically Salicylic Acid alone, which is the main active ingredient in Wartrol, is able to remove warts completely within 6 week time and for some individuals it might take up to 3 months. This can be confirmed by many clinical studies that were done on this ingredient. However since there are more ingredients included in formulation of Wartrol you can expect to have even faster results. It is also worthwhile to mention that Wartrol has one of the highest concentrations of Salicylic Acid, so it will be able to remove warts faster than most other similar OTC treatments.

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Does Wartrol Work on Plantar and Flat Warts?

The answer to this question is definitely YES. Wartrol treatment’s new formulation is designed to work on flat, body, plantar, common and verruca warts. So if you have any of these mentioned warts you can safely remove them by applying Wartrol treatment daily.

Does it Work on Genital and Facial Warts?

The answer to this question is NO. This is because the label of Wartrol has a warning, which advises not to use this treatment on these types of warts. While it would probably work on removing both Facial and Genital warts, it is simply not safe to use Wartrol on areas that have more sensitive skin and it might even leave scars. As it was mentioned previously some time ago Wartrol was a homeopathic treatment and it was safe to use on all types of warts and many people are unaware of this change. But since the formulation was changed completely now it is best to avoid using it on both Genital and Facial warts and look for alternative treatments that would not contain such a high concentration of Salicylic Acid.

Where to buy Wartrol?

Should you buy Wartrol?

It is important to mention that sometimes wart treatment is not necessary, since they might disappear on their own just by giving it some time. However in some cases it might take up to two years for this to happen. Additionally untreated warts might spread to other parts of your body or even to other people who are in a close contact with you. Also warts that appear on face, arms are more visible and might cause people to feel embarrassed and others that appears on the foot (veruccas) cause pain while walking. For these reasons many people seek for a treatment in order to get rid of this problem quicker and avoid more difficult treatment later. One of the best rated over the counter treatment for warts is Wartrol. The reason it is good rated is because it contains ingredients that are approved by FDA to be efficient for removing warts. Also you don’t need a prescription to buy it and it can be used at a comfort of your home. So if notice that your warts are getting bigger in size, spreading further or you simply want to get rid of them faster it is definitely worth to consider a treatment like Wartrol.

What you should know before buying this wart remover?

buy-wartrolIn case you are looking for a place to buy Wartrol, you should know that it is not available for purchase in local retail stores. You can only buy Wartrol at official website online. Although you can probably find it on other websites too, the most reliable place to buy it is directly from manufacturer. If you find it on sale on other sites you should always be bit cautious, since manufacturer of this product warns that it can only bought directly from them. So you might be at risk of getting a fake product. On the contrary when you will buy it from Wartrol page you will be sure that you are getting an original product with all the guarantees. These include money back guarantee, which is available for 90 days after you buy this wart remover. So if you interested in getting more than one bottle of Wartrol, it is definitely worthwhile to have this possibility. Furthermore only by buying from Wartrol website you will get a discreet delivery and billing. This will guarantee that no one will be able to know what is inside the package you ordered. Last but not least there are a few offers available that include extra free bottles. So if you are interested in buying multiple bottles of Wartrol you can get a discount and save some money.

What is the price of Wartrol?

When you will visit Wartrol page you will notice that there are a total of four different offers available for this wart remover. Basically the more packages you will decide to buy, the lower the price will get per package. The offers are priced as follows:

  • 1 bottle – $49.95;
  • 2 bottles – $89.95 (discount $9.95);
  • 3 month supply plus 1 for free – $149.95 (~$37 per bottle);
  • 4 month supply plus 2 for free – $199.95 (~$33 per bottle).

Visit official page of Wartrol.

So as you can see the discounts on multiple packages are quite appealing and in case you have more warts than a few it might be definitely worthwhile to consider getting at least a few month supply.

Where can you buy this warts remover?

In case you are worried that you will not be able to buy Wartrol because you live outside of USA, you shouldn’t be. This is because Wartrol can be shipped internationally to almost every country. So even though you live in UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe and etc. you can buy Wartrol and get it shipped quite fast. Depending on your location shipping might take from two to fourteen days.

Wartrol Side Effects.

In general Wartrol is considered to be safe to use and doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects. If you would do a small research on this product you will not find any complaints from users that would indicate otherwise. However it is important to use this wart remover according to instructions provided with this treatment. If you will not follow directions of this product you might end up experiencing some negative effects like skin irritation or scaring of surrounding skin.

potential-negative-effects-of-WartrolAlso it is worthwhile to mention that there is quite a lot of confusion about what type of warts Wartrol can remove. This is because this product has changed its formulation from when it was first launched and also it is now applied directly on affected area. Previously it was a homeopathic treatment, which was in a form of spray. So it was used by spraying it under the tongue and was safe to be used for treating all types of warts including genital, facial and etc. However since the formulation of this wart remover was changed now it is only safe to be used for verruca, body, plantar, and flat warts. This is clearly stated on the official website, so if you come across a website that claims otherwise it means that the content is outdated and was written a while ago.

The other possible side effect to point out is that like with any treatment some ingredients might cause allergic reaction for a small number of people. However since there are not so many ingredients in Wartrol this possibility is highly unlikely. One of the components to mention is Ethyl Alcohol, which might cause allergy for a very small number of people. However it is important to point out Alcohol is quite a common ingredient in various treatments and for most people it doesn’t cause any issues. The other ingredient to mention is Salicylic acid, which is a main active component in Wartrol and is approved by FDA to be both safe and effective for treating warts. However before considering using Wartrol you should check the full list of ingredients and make sure you didn’t had bad experience with any of them. Otherwise it might be better to consider other over the counter treatments.

One more thing to mention is that Wartrol shouldn’t be used for longer time than 3 months. If this treatment will not be able to remove your warts within that much time you should stop using it and consider other options, since it might cause dangerous side effects. The usage of this treatment should also be limited to two times per day. This is because more constant use will not increase the effectiveness of Wartrol, but might even cause unpleasant side effects. Also when you use this treatment you should try to apply it on the area that is affected by HPV, because it might cause irritation and even damage the surrounding healthy skin.

Wartrol Warnings.

One of the warnings that you can find on the label of this wart remover is that it shouldn’t be used on moles, warts that have hair on them and birthmarks. Also as it was mentioned previously this product should not be used on warts that are either on facial and genital area. This is because of the main active ingredient Salicylic acid, which shouldn’t be used on more sensitive skin areas. For instance quite a lot of acne treatments that are used on facial area contain salicylic acid; however the concentration is usually limited to up to 3% to avoid side effects.

The other warning of Wartrol is that it shouldn’t be used by people who have either bad blood circulation or are diabetic. Also the product shouldn’t be applied on skin area that is reddened, irritated or infected, since it might make matters even worse.

Since Wartrol contains alcohol and acid it crucial to avoid any contact with your eyes. However if it does get into your eyes you should wash them immediately with water.