Home Remedies for Warts.

There are quite a lot of home remedies available for people who want to treat this condition at their own home. It is easy to try them since you can find most ingredients that you might need in your kitchen. It is important to point out that most of these remedies are not scientifically proven to work and sometimes there is not much logic why they actually work. However when warts are not severe it can be definitely worth trying a few of these remedies.

1. Garlic.

garlic-remedy-for-wartsGarlic is one of the most commonly used home treatments for healing warts. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of garlic is what makes it effective for treating warts. There are few different ways that you can use it effectively. Since it is a great immune booster a few slices of garlic can be eaten on a daily bases to enchase your body’s ability to fight HPV on its own. Crushed garlic can be also applied on your warts directly and then covered with a bandage. It is worthwhile to mention that some people also use an onion, which can be a great alternative to garlic.

2. Potatoes.

Although there is not much science logic, potatoes are used for treating warts too. It is one of the oldest methods for wart removal and it seems to be still quite commonly used these days. To use this method simply cut a potato in half and rub it to your warts until they get saturated with juice from potato. For the best results it advised to do this for two weeks (two-three times per day).

3. Vitamin C.

The other commonly used natural home remedy for wart removal is Vitamin C. Since this vitamin is acidic it is thought to be able to irritate the wart and also to kill the virus. To use this natural remedy you will need one tablet of Vitamin C. It should be crushed and mixed with some water or lemon juice to make a paste. After that apply it directly on wart and cover with a bandage. This should be repeated daily until you start to see some results. Alternatively Vitamin A and E is thought to be affective too.

4. Castor Oil.

Castor oil is another home remedy that can be used at the comfort of your home. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Castor oil is what makes it effective oil for various conditions, including warts. When this oil is applied on the skin it works by irritating wart and with continues applications it is able to remove them. Cotton swab should be used when applying this oil on the wart. It should be mentioned that this remedy works best for warts that are either on face or hands and are small and flat in shape.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

natural-home-remediesApple cider vinegar is quite a popular home remedy for treating various conditions. It is thought to be able to remove warts due to its acidity properties. To use this remedy you should soak wool of cotton into apple cider vinegar and put it directly on the wart. Since it is advised to keep it on the wart for a couple of hours it might be a good idea to fix a cotton ball with a band aid. In most cases results are seen within just three or four days; however it might be still necessary to continue applying ACV for a couple of weeks in order to remove wart completely.

6. Banana Peel.

Banana peel is another easy to apply and yet effective remedy for plantar warts. It is thought that there certain enzymes (proteolytic) in banana peel that are able demolish warts. To use this method simply scape some white mass of banana peel and apply it on affected area. It should be repeated two times a day until wart is removed.

7. Aloe Vera.

Aloe is another plant that can be used for removing warts. Anti-inflammatory features of this plant is what makes Aloe Vera effective home remedy for many different ailments. To use this treatment simply extract some gel from Aloe plant and soak it into cotton ball. Then apply it directly on the wart and add a bandage too. To see results repeat it daily until a wart is finally gone. In case you don’t have your own Aloe Vera plant at home, gel of this plant can be also purchased in most local drug stores.

8. Duct Tape.

Duct-tape-methodAlthough it is not the fastest working home remedy Duct tape can be also used to treat this condition. To use this method simply cut a small round piece of duct tape and place it on the wart. It should be only removed when you need to replace it the tape. In most cases it might take more than two week to actually notice any improvement.

The other way to treat warts that are caused by HPV is to add a few beneficial foods to your diet. Improving your diet can help to boost your immune system and thus make your body to fight this virus more efficiently. Some foods that are known to be effective immune system booster are sweet potatoes, garlic, yoghurt, shellfish, beef, oranges, tea and etc. Furthermore making sure you are getting enough E and C Vitamins can help in restoration of your skin that is damaged by this condition. So you should either eat more foods that include these vitamins or take a supplement.

So as you can there are quite a lot of home remedies that you can try for removing warts. Hopefully one of these methods will help to get rid of your warts and if not you can always consult your doctor and get more efficient medications that are proven to work.

Essential Oils for Warts.

Getting rid of warts is not an easy task and in most cases it requires quite a lot of time and patience. One good way to treat this skin condition is to try a few essential oils. These oils are not very expensive and also you can use them at the comfort of your home. Bellow you can find a list of essential oils that tend to work best for wart removal so it is definitely worthwhile trying at least a few of them before considering more serious treatment options.

1. Tea Tree Oil.


It can be said that Tea Tree Oil is probably one of the most popular and widely used essential oils for removing warts. The main explanation why this oil can be an effective remedy for curing warts is because it has anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-fungal properties. Since Tea Tree Oil has so many useful features it used to treat various medical conditions. Just to name a few, Tea Tree Oil can help to treat skin related conditions like Acne, Nail Fungus, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm as well as warts. In order to use this essential oil for wart removal effectively, apply a few drops of Tea Tree Oil daily (up to 3 times). In case you are planning to use this oil on facial or genital warts, it might be a good idea to dilute it with either water or other oils in order to avoid potential side effects on more sensitive skin area.

2. Lemon Oil.


Another great choice home remedy for wart removal is Lemon Oil. Some of the properties of this essential oil that makes it an effective home remedy for wart treatment are anti-bacterial, anti-septic as well as astringent. Based on available research this essential oil might be beneficial for treating health conditions like asthma, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue as well as Athlete’s Foot and Varicose Veins. For topical application apply a few drops of Lemon Oil (diluted with other carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Jojoba) three times per day in order to get noticeable results with this essential oil. It is worthwhile to mention that Lemon Oil can cause Phototoxicity for some people, so it might be a good idea to avoid tanning while using this oil topically.

3. Coconut Oil.


Since Coconut Oil is a popular remedy for many skin related conditions many people also try this essential oil for wart removal and seem to get quite good results. The main explanation why this oil can work effectively for wart treatment is because it has anti-viral, anti-microbial as well as anti-fungal properties. It is worthwhile to mention that Coconut Oil can be safely applied directly on a wart without worrying too much about any side effects or scarring of the skin area. For the best results most sources suggest having at least three applications of this oil per the day.

4. Castor Oil.


One more essential oil to consider for wart treatment is Castor Oil. The main explanation why this oil can work effectively for conditions like warts is because it includes Ricin oleic Acid. This particular acid has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial for treating warts. The usage of Castor Oil is quite similar to other oils since you need to apply a few drops directly on affected skin area. In most cases results are visible within a couple of days of application and within 2-3 week time you should be able to eliminate wart completely from your skin.

5. Oregano Oil.


The other quite commonly recommended essential oil for wart removal is Oregano Oil. This particular oil is known to have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial for treating skin conditions like warts. Some other uses of this oil include Ringworm, Rosacea, Acne, Psoriasis, Athlete’s Foot and many others. Due to the fact that Oregano is quite strong essential oil it might be a good idea to dilute it before applying on the skin. Some good options for that might be Olive or Coconut Oils (1/5 part Oregano and 4/5 part other oil). This will reduce the strength of this essential oil and minimize the chances of experiencing side effects.

These are just a couple of examples of oils that can work effectively for warts treatment. You can also try essential oils like Bergamot, Frankincense, Eucalyptus and etc. since they have properties that are beneficial for treating this particular condition. Please note that some of these mentioned oils are quite strong so it might be a good idea to dilute them before using them on your skin directly, which will help you avoid potential side effects.

In addition to trying these essential oils there are also quite a lot of effective natural home remedies that you can try for removing warts. You can find a list of some of them and how to use them correctly for removing warts in this article.

Garlic and Warts.

The Main Benefits of Garlic.

While Garlic is mostly used in the kitchen as a flavoring agent, this component has a lot of medical benefits too. The main reason why it is used for treating various conditions is because it has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial features. Some of the most common uses of garlic are for treating common cold, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Some less common uses are for treating acne and cold sores, reducing hair loss and even promoting weight loss. Also quite a lot of studies suggest that consuming garlic daily can greatly reduce the risk of getting cancers (stomach, colon, prostate, breast and etc.) and heart disease.

Does Garlic work for Wart Removal?

garlic-for-wart-removalThe answer to this question is definitely YES. According to recent studies garlic contains a compound called allicin. This compound has strong anti-microbial features that have the ability to fight various viruses. Due to the fact that warts are caused by HPV, allicin can effectively work to destroy this virus too. One of the biggest benefits of garlic is that once it kills a virus it doesn’t affect good bacteria in the body. This is a great advantage compared to antibiotics, which as we all know not only kills a virus but also eliminate good bacteria. It is also worthwhile to mention that garlic has some additional compounds that enhance detoxification in the body, which is a very advantageous feature while having a virus like HPV.

There were also a couple of studies, which tried to investigate how effective garlic was for removing warts. In the first study garlic cloves were used in a group of children who had warts. Garlic was used by rubbing it onto each wart and then a bandage was applied on a treated area. Results showed that this remedy was effective for all participants and it took on average 9 weeks to completely remove warts. The aim of another study was to test whether oil-soluble extract can be as effective as water-soluble extract of garlic. Results showed that both extracts are effective for removing warts; however oil-soluble garlic was able to provide faster results.

How to use it for Wart Treatment?

use-garlic-for-wart-removalThere are a total of three ways how you can use garlic for removal of warts. The first one and probably the most effective one is rubbing garlic on a wart. To use this method you need to peel a fresh clove of garlic and then cut it into two pieces. In the next step rub garlic on a wart for a couple of minutes until it’s covered completely. Try to limit contact with garlic and surrounding skin as much as possible since it might cause irritation or even burns. After you finish rubbing garlic, cover the area of a wart with a bandage. For the best results repeat this whole process a few times per day and cover the area with a bandage afterwards. In most cases results can be seen within a couple of weeks and warts should fall off completely after about 6 weeks. When trying this home remedy it is important to be consistent and apply garlic on a daily bases. Also don’t forget to change a bandage since keeping the same one for too long is not sanitary.

Additionally you can also use garlic oil, which is available for purchase in every local store. It will provide with similar results as raw garlic and it is a bit more convenient to apply it directly to a wart.

The other way to use garlic is to eat a few slices throughout the day. While it is probably not as effective as applying garlic directly on a wart, eating it can strengthen your immune system. When you will eat a couple of slices of garlic a compound allicin will enter your bloodstream and start working as an antiviral from the inside to fight HPV.

For people who do not like a taste of garlic, it is also worthwhile to mention that there is capsules available containing garlic. While eating fresh garlic is probably more effective than taking capsules, it should also provide you with similar benefits.

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In case you have already tried Garlic for wart removal and it didn’t work for you there are plenty of other natural home remedies that you can try at home. Warts can be very stubborn at times so it is important to be patient and try different methods for this condition until you finally succeed.

Tea Tree Oil and Warts.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is made from the leaves of a plant, which grows locally in Australia. Aboriginal people used this oil for centuries in order to treat various conditions. The main uses of this oil are treating skin related conditions like acne, Athlete’s Foot, fungal infections, wounds and many more. In addition to that many people who have warts use this oil for treatment too and are able to get rid of warts within just a few weeks’ time.

Does Tea Tree Oil work for Wart Removal?

Tea Tree Oiltea-tree-oil-wart-removal has quite a lot beneficial properties therefore it is effective for treating many conditions including wart removal. Some of the features of this oil are antiviral, antimicrobial, fungicide, antiseptic and many others. The main reason why it is thought that Tea Tree Oil can actually work for wart removal is because it has antiseptic features. Even though there is not much information on Tea Tree Oil usage for wart removal or studies that would confirm its effectiveness many people try this home remedy and seem to have quite good results.

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What kind of Warts can be Removed with this Oil?

Tea Tree Oil can be used on all types of warts including facial, plantar, hands, body and etc. However it is important to mention that you should consult with your doctor prior to using this oil on genital area warts. This is important, because these types of warts shouldn’t be treated or removed on your own. Also it is worthwhile to mention that some people who use Tea Tree Oil for facial and genital wart removal, dilute this oil with either other oils or water. While it makes this oil a bit weaker and the whole removal process longer, it also helps to avoid irritation and other possible side effects on more sensitive skin areas.

Instructions on How to use it.

One of the easiest methods to use Tea Tree Oil for wart removal is to apply a few drops of this oil directly on a wart. For convenient application it might be a good idea to use a cotton swab. In order to get quicker results you will need to repeat application of this oil at least 2-3 times per day. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and the area that this oil is applied to, you can use either dilluted or undiluted Tea Tree Oil.

If you don’t have time to apply Tea Tree Oil multiple times per day, you can use this remedy before going to sleep. After application add a bandage to cover the whole wart area, so that the solution would stay on a wart for at least eight hours. In the morning remove the bandage and wash the whole area with water.

Please note that there are also some other essential oils that are known to be effective for treating warts. Some good examples are Oregano Oil and Castor Oil. Both of these mentioned oils have properties that can help to get rid of warts too. So if Tea Tree Oil will not work for you, you can try them instead.

Are there any Side Effects?

Before you consider using Tea Tree Oil it is important to know that this oil can’t be used orally, even in the smallest amounts. This might cause some severe side effects like diarrhea, pain, rashes and even come. When this oil is used tropically side effects are extremely rare and they happen only for a very small number people. Some possible side effects are itching, redness or rashes. When you use Tea Tree Oil it is worthwhile not to overuse it since you might have a higher chance of experiencing side effects. Also some people, who tend to use this oil, dilute it with Almond and Olive oils or water. This makes it less strong and reduces the chances of getting skin irritation. However diluted Tea Tree Oil will work less effectively so you might need more time to fully get rid of warts.

What do consumer reviews say?

Due to the fact that Tea Tree Oil has a lot of uses it is difficult to find reviews that would rate this oils effectiveness on wart treatment. However from the reviews that you can find online it can be said that it works and it works quite fast since results are noticeable within three or four weeks of usage. Read a few actual reviews of users who used Tea Tree Oil for wart removal below.


Oregano Oil and Warts.

The Main Uses and Benefits of Oregano Oil.

There are quite a lot of different medical uses of Oregano Oil and it can be used both orally and topically. When it is used orally it is thought to be beneficial for conditions like asthma, bronchitis, heart conditions, coughs, bloating and etc. Topical application of this essential oil can work effectively for conditions like Acne, Dandruff, Rosacea, Athlete’s Foot, Warts, Psoriasis and many others.

Oregano-plantOne of the reasons why Oregano Oil is a common home remedy for many different medical conditions is because it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. To be more specific this herb contains vitamins A, E, C, K, B6 and minerals like magnesium, iron, folate, fiber, potassium and calcium. Other components found in Oregano are phytochemicals that are also responsible for some of the health benefits of this herb. Oregano also contains rosmarinic acid which is a primary reason why this herb has such a high orac value (high in antioxidants).

All these mentioned components in Oregano Oil is what makes an effective remedy for fighting different viruses, bacteria, worms (intestinal), fungi and parasites. Even though it is true that this essential oil is used for many different conditions it is important to point out that there are insufficient studies to support effectiveness for some of them.

Does Oregano Oil work for Warts?

In case you are wondering whether Oregano Oil can work effectively for wart removal, the answer is definitely yes. In fact it is probably one of the best choices of essential oils when it comes to this skin condition. The main reason why Oregano works effectively for wart removal is because it has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties. Since warts are caused by HPV (Human Pavilion Virus), Oregano oil can work effectively to inhibit this virus. So when it is applied on the skin it is able to stop warts from spreading and eliminate current warts from the skin within some time. Oregano-Oil-warts

While there are no clinical studies that would support this oils effectiveness for wart treatment there are quite a lot of user testimonials stating that they were able to successfully remove warts using Oregano oil. So it can be said that it is definitely worthwhile to consider trying this oil for wart removal; however you should also have realistic expectations that it might not work.

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How to use it for Wart Removal?

In case you want to use Oregano Oil for wart removal it might be a good idea to dilute it before applying on the skin. Some good choices for diluting Oregano oil is to use some other carrier oils like Coconut and Olive Oil. To make a mixture from these two oils you should add 1/5 of Oregano oil and 4/5 of Olive Oil. When mixture is ready you can safely apply it on a wart.

To get faster results you should apply Oregano Oil for at least three times a day or leave it overnight. To keep this oil in contact with your skin for longer time it might be a good idea to cover the area with a bandage, which will also not allow wart to get sufficient amount of oxygen. It is worthwhile to mention that in most cases results of applying this oil daily are visible within one or two weeks. In case you don’t see any changes in appearance of a wart within one week it might be a good idea to consider alternative treatments or consult with your doctor.

Are there any Side Effects?

In general Oregano Oil is considered to be safe to use both orally (not for pregnant or breastfeeding women) and topically when small amounts are being used. Despite that you should know that undiluted Oregano Oil can cause side effects for some individuals when applied on the skin. Since it is very strong oil it can burn skin when it is applied topically. As it was mentioned previously it might be a good idea to dilute Oregano oil with some carrier oil like coconut or olive oil before application. This will reduce strength of this oil and help to avoid potential side effects. There is also a possibility that a small number of people might experience allergic reaction to Oregano oil. This risk is higher for people who are allergic to Lamiaceae plants such as Lavender, Sage, Basil, Mint and etc.