Wartrol review

What is Wartrol and How Does it Work?

wartrol-wart-removerWartrol is one of the best rated over the counter wart removers, which has been used for many years and has quite a good feedback from its users. It can work on all types of warts that are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). To be more specific it can be used on body, flat, plantar and verruca warts.

Ingredients that are included in Wartrol formulation work by initiating a process known as keratolysis. This scientific process helps to thin the layers of skin that are affected by Human Papilloma Virus. Within time warts start to shed and HPV will weaken. Furthermore other ingredients in formulation of Wartrol can help to restore skin that is affected by warts to its previous state, minimize chances of further infection and more.

What Ingredients are Included?

The only active ingredient that you can find in formulation of Wartrol is Salicylic acid. It is FDA approved ingredient for treating warts and it is included in many creams and remedies that are aimed at treating this condition. Most studies indicate that this ingredient alone is able to get rid of most warts within just a few weeks time and it works with very high success rate (~75%). There are also a few extra inactive ingredients found in Wartrol such as Alcohol, Ascorbic Acid, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Menthol, Polysorbate-80 and Flexible Collodion. Some of these mentioned components are beneficial for skin and promotes healing while others can help to prevent infection and speed up effectiveness of the main active ingredient.

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Is Wartrol a Scam and How Long Does it Take to Work?

Wartrol is certainly not a scam product. Just by researching ingredients included in Wartrol you will notice that some of them are approved by FDA for treating warts. This is a good indication that it is effective treatment and will work for most people. Also you can find quite a lot of reviews of people who already tried this remedy and got positive results. However since there are so many different types of warts there is of course a chance that it might not work for you. Before buying Wartrol make sure that you have body, flat, plantar or verruca warts, since it is not recommended to be used on other types of warts.

Also it is important to point out that Wartrol is not some miracle treatment that would remove warts overnight. However if you tried other treatments for warts you should already know that it takes some time and patience to see results with all of them. When it comes to Wartrol it can be said that for some people it might take a couple of weeks to see results while for others it might even take a month. This can also be confirmed by various testimonials online. The length of time needed to see results from this treatment will highly depend on how severe your warts are.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Includes FDA approved ingredient (Salicylic acid) for treating warts, which is safe and effective;
  • Can be used for treating plantar, verruca, body flat warts that are caused by HPV;
  • A prescription from a doctor is not needed in order to buy Wartrol and it can be used at a comfort of your home;
  • Unlike many wart treatments, it is reasonably priced and can be afforded by most people;
  • Comes with money back guarantee (90 days).

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

In general Wartrol is considered to be safe to use and shouldn’t cause any side effects if used correctly. Since the formulation of this treatment is quite simple (only one active ingredient) the chances of any unwanted side effects is highly unlikely.

There only ingredient that might cause some side effects is Alcohol. There are a small number of people who might experience allergic reaction to it. However if you are not allergic to this component you shouldn’t be worried, since the dosage included is considered to be safe.

It is also important to point out that Wartrol should not be used on warts that are on facial or genital area. This is because of an active ingredient – Salicylic acid, which is not recommended to be used on these areas in higher concentrations.

Direction on How to Use it.

The usage of this treatment is quite simple and straightforward. Before applying it on warts you should wash affected area with warm water and let it dry. Then by using a brush you should cover all warts with Wartrol treatment and leave it to dry. For the best results it should be repeated two times per day until warts are totally gone.

Where to buy Wartrol?

First of all it should be said that Wartrol can’t be bought in local stores such as Walgreens or Walmart. It is only possible to buy it online from the official website. Also you might find it on other popular websites too; however it is safer to buy it directly from manufacturer. This will ensure that you are buying a real product and with all guarantees (money back guarantee). Also quite often there are some discount offers on official page so you can save some money too.

One of the biggest benefits of buying it directly from official website is that it can be shipped to almost every country including USA, Australia, Canada, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and many others.

Visit the official Wartrol page here.

What is the Price?

buy-wartrolThe price of Wartrol will highly depend on the offer you will choose. At the moment there are a total of four different offers available. Basically, the more packages of Wartrol you will buy the lower the price will get.

  • 1 package – $49.95;
  • 2 month supply – 89.95 (save $9.95);
  • 4 month supply – $149.95 (one bottle for free);
  • 6 month supply – $199.95 (two bottles for free).